Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sant Pujya Sudhanshuji Ki Amrutvani

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Goswami Tulasidasa

Goswami Tulasidasa was born in August 1954 at Banda, Near Allahabad. His mother Hulsi Dubey delivered the baby with 32 teeth, after a 12 month pregnancy !

As soon as he was born instade of crying, he uttered Shri Rama's name. His mother died quite soon thereafter and his nanny Chuniya raised Tulasidasaji wiht utmost affection. But she too died when Tulasidasaji was just five years old. Being an orphan he started roaming aimlessly. Shri Narihariannanda fond Tulsadasji

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shardha Parva - Festival of Service to the Parents

His Holiness Shri Sudhanshuji Maharaj preaches religion as a means of pious human conduct, cultured adn civilized means of human relationships.

With a view to ensure respect and feelings of service by the sons and daughters to their parents and ancestors in families.

On 2nd October every year this festival is celebrated symbolically for one day but the message of this festival is that children should give regard, respect, and entertain their paretns for full year.

As a matter of fact with teh blessings of Parmpujya Sudhanshuji Maharaj this campaign by Vishwa Jagriti Mission is not an ordinary festival. Behind this is cultural heritage of India and also this has a definite purpose, in families the Parv ensures harmonious relationship in society, peace and love.

A Portrait

Virtuous & Revered Saint Shree Sudhanshuji Maharaj - A Portrait

Most revered Sudhanshuji Maharj descended on earth on on 2nd May 1955 in a vilage Haripur situated in Saharnpur near the green valley of Dehradun's rich soil wherein flows the pipous water of reiver Ganga.

He is the eldest son of his parents whow are affluent, Brahmins and Shiva devotees.

Just at the age of four Maharjshree started reciting Gayatri Mantra and the hymns while still sitting in the lap os his revered father. At the age of then his revered father placed him in the ashram of Yogi Vijendra Muni to learn meditation. After completing his university education at the age of 22 he set out on a journey to explore India.

A turning point came in his life when he was blessed with the company of a great Yogi, Swami Sadanandji. He advised Maharajshree :

"Discover you own true personality. You are devine. you are Aapt. Reawaken your dormant powers.

Reach unto the extreme climax of meditation".

Maharjshree the continued to practice meditation under his guidance. God then blessed him.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Beyond the Summit, Beneath the Depth

Endowed with glaring humility, master of deep metaphysical knowledge, a mesmerizing orator, a social reformer, a messiah of the downtrodden pioneer of spiritual resurrection in modern times, a renowned scholar possessing inexplicable wisdom, an invincible religious crusader and path trodder towards Karma, Jnana and Bhakti, His divine –Grace Sudhanshuji Maharaj has cast a hypnotic spell on people over the world with his enchanging personality.

He has impregnated the soul of innumerable devotees with the exalted wisdom of the Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, Ramayan, Puranas, philosophy and the thoughts of emancipated sages and saints.

His immortal words have bridged the yawning gap have bridged the yawning gap between the ancient and the modern creating a harmony between the lost and the discovered.

He has blown the conch shell of a great spiritual revival, which has succeeded in alleviating the common miseries of mankind. He has stupefied people from all walks and sections of life with his unique interpretation of ancient wisdom, making them relevant for modern society.

It is not possible to capture the vast ocean of his divine attributes with few words, yet there is an attempt to catch a fleeting glimpse of his great personality.

Dr Narendra Madan

Monday, December 05, 2005

International Center for Spiritual Retreat

A separate State-of-the-Art Center is being created to cater to the Spiritual needs of High-End Professionals and Foreign Nationals. The deemed Center is said to have the following added facilities:
• Deluxe Residential Suites
• Deluxe Transportation facilities
• Foreign Language Interpreters
• Spa facilities
• Specialized Meditation & Energy Healing Rooms
• Business Center
• Cyber Café
• Sports Center
• Canteen (serving snacks & juices)
• 6 Hole Golf Course
• Mini Swimming Pool
• Souvenir Shop
• Money Changer

International Centre For Spiritual Retreat

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Devine Gems

The God is all pervading, a Supreme Being and Omniscient one.

He only knows what is good or bad for us. He gives us only what is appropriate for us.

May God bless us with such a life which is useful for us;
and we live not only for ourselves but for the whole world.

It does not matter if one is rich or poor, small or big, high or low,
only those are able to please God who have richness in their thoughts.

God is the essence of life and only God gives strength to life. Man’s life exists due to His kindness.

If we are willing to change ourselves then God is also ready to change His rigidity. That is why we should ever be ready to change ourselves.

Worship, penance, meditation, devotion are the various methods to seek the bless
ings of God. The prayer, however, is always the same in all sects,
religious sections and communities.

As the reflection of the moon can be seen in still waters, similarly, one who is at
peace can see God.

Acharya Sudhanshuji Maharaj

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Anand Dham Ashram

Anad Dham Ashram

An Exotic Spiritual Destination

Anand Dham Ashram which is the dream Project of His Holiness Acharya Sudhanshuji Maharaj is situated in 25 Acres, with exotic landscapes, in the outskirts of Delhi. It provides the most soothing and serene ambience for Discourses, Contemplation, Spiritual Studies, Meditation and Yoga. This beautifully landscaped Spiritual Center cum Retreat comprises of:
• SiddhaShikhar Lord Shiva beckons with open arms
• Sprawling Landscaped Gardens
• Gurukul (for Indian Studies)
• Discourse Hall
• Omkar Dhyana Kutir (Hermitage for Meditation)
• Tapobhumi (Yajnashala- Place for the Holy Fire)
• Vardaan Arogya Kendra - Fully equipped Naturopathy & Health Center
• Gymnasium for Health & Fitness
• Siddheshwar Mahadev Mandir -
The Abode of Lord Shiva
• Cowshed for the protection of the Holy Cow
• Vanaprastha Ashram Old Age Home
• Bird & Rabbit Sanctuary
• Swan Pond

Anandham Ashram' being situated in the outskirts of Delhi is absolutely pollution-free, quiet and peaceful. The surroundings are ideal for vacating the mind and attaining inner tranquility.

Zee Jagaran - Vishwa Jagriti Mission

For few years now, Parm Pujya Sudhanshu Maharaj has hosted the decade-old Zee Jaagran, the channel’s oldest show.

At 50, he has been on the pravachan track for 30 years. A follower of Swami Sadanand and Swami Muktananda, he holds an MA in Sanskrit and fourteen years back, established the Vishwa Jagriti Mission in 14 acres on the outskirts of Pune.

Eye camps, blood camps and creches are some of the schemes reportedly afoot. His satsangs draw hundreds of dedicated followers at two temples in Delhi and one in Moradabad.

Sudhanshu Maharaj is clued into techie jargon and blends it with spiritualese.

Read Indian Express for Details

Follow the Truth

ALWAYS start by abstaining from lies. Speaking the truth reduces our burden and makes us feel lighter. Lying requires a lot of flimsy reasoning and excuses and this often leads to unnecessary thinking.

While, speaking the truth relives you of any embarrassment and wasteful thought process. Today, in a world full of pretense, where flattery is quite common, truth should be ardently adopted. If we adopt this practice, we will lead better and less stressful lives.

The Mission desires to establish high moral standards in the minds of you and the sense of nationalism in the minds and hearts of all citizens. The Mission at present has 65 branches in India and abroad, known as Mandalas (branches)

Mata Krishna Kashyap, head, Vishwa Jagruti Mission, Pune

Follow The Truth

Visit Ambonieum

Pujya Maharajshri's Aspiration and Perception

My Aspiration and Perception

May the Happiness and peace flow in the main stream of the Universe. May the Society be free from Hatred, Enemity, Violence, and Revenge. May the nectar of knowledge of India's saints and sages reach every section of humanity. May the People with religious bent of mind come forward and serve and help others.
The light of "Vishwa Jagriti Mission" (Mission to Awaken the "Univeres" was kindled with the above mission. We wish that the values, ethics and ideals of Rama. Amd jos devotion to his parent should become guiding principles of our life and we should embrace them. We wish the destruction of wicked people, security for virtuous persons, protection and rearing of cows, adopting Geeta’s nectar-like message descending in our daily life.

May the traditions of Gautam, Kapil, Ptanjali and Ved Vyasa prevail on this earth once again !

Acharya Sudhanshuji Maharaj

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